Template Shaker is a free css templates package with WYSIWYG (point-and-click) template customization tool.

free css templates:

The tool comes with 5 free css templates with literally hungreds customization options. Just download and try it -- it's free, eventually.

pro version templates

Since version 2.4, I am offering exclusive templates for pro-version customers only.

Template Shaker:

Some of the template shaker free templates:

RoundedBoxes - Black CleanPage css template CleanPage - Black MultiFlex 1.2 - Default MultiFlex 1.2 - Blue SimpleTabs 1.0 - Default SimpleTabs 1.0 - Green UltraSimplicity 1.0 - Default UltraSimplicity 2 - DarkBlue

To get and customize the above free css templates, just go to the download page and get your free copy of Template Shaker.

Pro-version templates

Starting from version 2.4, the "pro" version of Template Shaker includes more templates than the free version. Currently there are 2 pro - templates (click thumbnail for preview):

ColdBiz template - Default ColdBiz - Black ColdBiz - Cream ShakerLook - Default ShakerLook - Blue ColdBiz - Cream

The above "pro-version" css templates are available only in the pro-version of Template Shaker.