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Free Alphabet PDF templates

Last Edit: January, 2023 -- Added lowercase letters and numbers to the templates. Added more templates. Added italic versions as well.

Here you can download several alphabet templates in PDF format. I made these back in 2021 to use them for colouring and cut-and-paste games with my kid. Two years later I revisited those, because — surpassingly — people are using these and even asked for more. Initially I made only upper-case letters. Now I added lowercase versions and even numbers. In addition — I put everything in tabs for easier navigation.

I wanted nice and funny fonts, some standard (to teach my child how it should look) but also some funny ones. Wanted both serif and sans-serif variants. So, here are all of them.

Courier Alphabet Template PDF

If you need bubble letters — take a look on the pdf files below. The font is Courier — classic monospace font — big outline, great for coloring and even cutting; The pages are ready to print, if you want the whole alphabet, print hem all, or select some of the letters if you are only working on one letter today…

And the italic version, if you want some letter to be oblique

Courier / Filled

This is exactly the same font as above, but the letters and numbers are now black (filled). Obviously not useful for colouring but great for cut and paste on some contrast base…

And offcourse: we may need black and italic 😉

And after classical sans-serif font, let try the serif classic…

Times Bubble Letters

No alphabet template pack could be complete without the classic Times font, so here it is: alphabet template with beautiful serifs. Although harder to cut, this is great template for coloring

Did you know that Times New Roman was originally designed for use in print media? It was created by Stanley Morison, a typographer, and Victor Lardent, a graphic artist, for the British newspaper The Times in the 1930s. The font was intended to be highly legible and easy to read, especially at small sizes, and was inspired by a 16th-century typeface called Plantin. Nowadays it’s one of the most used fonts pretty much everywhere…

The next font is very popular in the last years. The nice on the eyes sans-serif


If you want “proper”, easy to grasp letters for your little one, but ones that are still coming with all the “right” angles, outlined but not “bubbly” — try these:

Fun fact: Roboto was created by Christian Robertson in 2011 for Google. It was made to be “mechanical” but is still inspired by the forms of traditional typography. One of the most used and easy to read fonts around.


But what is life without fun? See what I found on google fonts site:

Rubik Bubbles

Bubble letters that are actually bubbly 🙂 See here if you want more similar to this one

And another one in the same style (from the same author) — it’s funny this “rubik” family, never seen these before…

Rubik Vinyl

Some More Bubble Letter Templates (uppercase only)

Those are older. Take them as “honorable mentions” 😉 Feel free to check them as well, but keep in mind those are uppercase-only.

Children Style

Another set of printable letters A-Z, even easier for work with. Those are simpler, “sans-serif” letters for smaller children (especially if cutting is not yet their biggest skill). All in all, these are great alphabet templates to cut out

And yet another, I promise its the last one 😉

If you are like me, you’ll like these “crazy” handwritten letters, big marker style…

These uppercase letter templates are really useful, designed to be usable for a wide variety of crafts and activities and help your kid alphabet studies. Don’t hesitate to use any or all of them and come back for more when you are out of letters 😉