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Letter E Animals: Free Coloring Pages (PDF)

? Elk

Did you know that elk are known for their impressive antlers, which can grow up to 4 feet long? These majestic creatures are often found in North America.


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?️ Egret

Egrets are elegant birds known for their long, slender legs and graceful appearance. They are often found near bodies of water, hunting for fish.


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? Eel

Did you know that eels have a unique life cycle? They start as transparent larvae in the ocean, then transform into juvenile glass eels before migrating to freshwater rivers.


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? Earthworm

Earthworms play a vital role in soil health. They aerate the soil and break down organic matter, making nutrients more accessible to plants.


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? Echidna

Echidnas are fascinating creatures known as monotremes because they lay eggs like reptiles but are mammals. They are also equipped with spines for protection.


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? Emu

Emus are large flightless birds native to Australia. They are known for their powerful legs and can run at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.


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? Eagle

Eagles are majestic birds of prey with keen eyesight. They are known for their powerful talons and beaks, which they use to catch and eat prey.


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