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Letter M Template

Do you need printable coloring page with the letter M for your little one? Or you are here for some cut-and-paste crafting project? Or just need the letter M template for some other reason…

If so…

…Welcome to our Letter M Printables page! We have it all: Uppercase, Lowercase, Outlines, Bubble letters… As a place for parents, educators, and students alike, we understand the importance of quality learning materials that can make a difference in a child’s education.

Each letter M Printable on this page is a fantastic way to help kids learn about the alphabet. Each free printable is designed to provide children with an opportunity to learn in a fun and interactive way.

Using these printables, your little one can fill in the capital and/or small letter M with a variety of materials such as do a dot markers, rubber stamps, balled-up tissue paper, cut-up bits of construction paper, playdough…

Our printable pdf files are easily accessible and can be downloaded directly from the page down below. We have also included similar alphabet letter printables on our website, allowing children to continue their learning journey with ease.

Uppercase and Lowercase Letter M Templates

We offer uppercase and lowercase letter M templates that are perfect for coloring pages or cut-and-paste projects. Our printable pdf files are easily accessible and can be downloaded directly from the page. Both uppercase and lowercase letters are available in PDF format on letter-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″). The uppercase letter M is a full-page outline, while the lowercase letter M is the same font but smaller in size.

Bubble Letter M Templates

We also included bubble letter M templates that are ideal for cutting and coloring. We have both uppercase and lowercase versions available in PDF format on letter-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″). The uppercase bubble letter M is better for cutting, while the lowercase bubble letter M has more curves, making it a little bit harder to cut but perfect for building banners with big letters.

Thank you for choosing us as your source for quality learning materials, and we hope that our letter M printable templates will help you and your children on your learning journey.

And right before the list of all the templates, please stop now and consider our alphabet coloring books:

If not, below are the templates you came for:

Printable Outline Full-page Uppercase Letter M

letter M template
PDF – Letter Size (8.5″ x 11″)

Good for big coloring page or cut and paste projects. Very BIG letter printed on whole page.

The same “m”, but not exactly:

lowercase letter “M”: PDF format, Letter (8.5×11″)

The same font, the same letter, but lowercase, just in case you need it in the same style 😉

Bubble Letter M

better for cutting, click to open in PDF format

This type should be easier for cutting but still good for coloring. Idea: ask your little one to color it first, then cut the shape…

And, naturally, here is the lowercase template:

lowercase bubble letter M, PDF – 8.5″x11″

A little bit harder for cutting with all these curves, but still great for building some big banners with BIG letters 🙂

Speaking of cutting crafts — if you don’t want the printable PDF versions above but just the image files — right-click on the image and select “copy image…” or “save image…” to get the PNG version…

More Versions (PDF, ready to print)

M – uppercase, outline

the same outline, lowercase

Version for cutting and printing

lowercase, filled:

Another bubble version, uppercase:

and another black-filled letter, in case you need it 😉

Bubble, bubble…where you flew…

Those above are the ones we personally made for you, but there is more.

More cool letter M templates from around the web

In addition to our letter “M” PDFs (above), we have also curated a list of the best letter M templates from around the web. These templates are free and easily accessible. Our top picks include:

Printable Letter M Outline – Print Bubble Letter M

Printable Paradise: offers a free large outline of the letter M that is perfect for kids’ coloring pages.

Uppercase Letter M Template Printable – Alphabet

an ultra-useful, all-purpose uppercase letter M template designed for use in a variety of crafts and activities to complement your alphabet studies.

Cool Lettering (Fancy Text, Cool Fonts, Stencils) – Letter M

Fancy Text, Cool Lettering, Templates, Stencils, Font Generator. Select a letter below to view that alphabet font. You can then create words and pick new …

And finally…

You may want the whole alphabet in one single pdf. Click here to get it.