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Letter P template

Hey there! If you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout for fun and educational activities to do with your little ones.

That’s why some time ago I made a lot of letters to ply with my son, and I wanted to share with you all of them on this site.

These “Letter P” PDFs come in two major “versions” – an outline bubble letter that’s perfect for coloring projects and a black-filled version that’s great for cut and paste works.

There also have uppercase and lowercase variants of the letter P in some serif a sans-serif fonts.

The pdf-files below are meant to be incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is print them out on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper and voila! Your child can start creating and having fun.

So, if you need the letter “P” for coloring or cut and paste, give these templates a try and let your child’s creativity soar!

If you need other letters — check the respective subcategory here.

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Bubble Letter P (outline, sans serif)

This outline bubble letter P template is a fantastic option for a coloring project for your child. With its classic, bubbly design, and the sans-serif font used in this template also makes it easy for younger children to fill and start remembering the letter P.

Lowercase, outline, sanserif

The same font, but lowercase. Still REALLY big letter, but remember, my whole idea for these PDFs was to have large letters to play with.

Interesting version for cutting:

Thats some heck of a “gothic” feeling… but you may be looking for exactly this one for your new and exciting project? Definitely not for coloring but could be used for cutting and pasting activities.

Another black one:

Different bubble letter P

This one, as the one above it, somehow came in only one variant. I’m almost sure the fancy P above and this serif-bubble one are the capital letter P 😉 Anyhow I forgot to print the small letters, but since I somehow had these pdf files lying around, I decided to put them in the list. Who knows, may be someone will like them…

By the way, at later stage I made dedicated page for the whole alphabet in many printable pdf versions. You may want to check them for consistent fonts and uppercase/lowercase variants.

And some more …

In no particular order, here are the rest of the letter P pdf printables.