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Letter S Template

These are ready-made, free, printable letter “S” Templates for coloring pages, cut and paste crafts, or whatever other use you (or your preschool child) need them ;-).

On this page, we listed different versions of the same letter “S”; if you want the whole alphabet in one PDF, visit the alphabet letters template here. And if by any chance you need some beautiful kids coloring pages – try our fantasy coloring pages, or some of our other free coloring books.

Good for coloring

Outline, uppercase letter S template:

letter S template
printable letter S – PDF template (full page, letter format)
[click to download]

Standard, big, easy to fill, easy to cut letter S for coloring or cutting projects.

Lowercase letter S – basically the same as the above, but smaller:

click to download

“S” is for Star

My child loves coloring such letters. Everybody loves patterns, so here is the mighty letter S filled with stars

(This letter S template is good for preschool kid — will keep them occupied for some time since there are a lot of stars to be colored…)

Better for Cutting

Bubble letter S template

Another variant of the letter S, but better for cutting. Curved lines, even easier for cut and paste projects

bubble letter S pdf – click to open and print

Bubble letter S – Lowercase

The same template, but smaller on page. Will need this if you want to use both upper and lower case letters in the same project.

bubble letter S pdf – click to open and print

And More:

Uppercase, bubble letter “S”:

Lowercase S

Uppercase, black

Lowercase version of the same

Another letter S outline, good for coloring

and another lowercase, filled version, good for cut-n-paste projectys

uppercase, outline

lowercase, outline